Confluence February 2017 issue


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Every crisis yields an opportunity

Two major events that took place during 2016 in Europe and in America
are still dominating the headlines. Britain’s decision to leave the European
union and the future of UK-Europe relations is causing huge uncertainties re
likely economic challenges in the coming years.

In our editorial in last November issue we expressed concern for the
welfare of refugees fleeing from many war-ravaged countries including
Syria. The presidential election held in America proved to be very controversial
and it has already started to affect the lives of many not only in
America but all over the world. Last week,the President signed an executive
order banning Syrian refugees indefinitely and everyone born in seven
predominantly Muslim nations from entering the United States for 90 days.
Even though terrorism is a serious threat in the main to Western countries,
the current waves of protest demonstrations and condemnation of the
decision to ban entry to America by people because of their birthplace is
extraordinary to say the least. This extreme step has unexpectedly united
many people against the controversial decisions of the new President.

Since the shock results of the Referendum as well as the American election,
change is in the air and each day seems to bring rumours of more and
more change. There is a question of the authenticity of what we hear and
read in the social media and on the internet. The big question is: Will these
‘alternative facts’ become the norm?

One can only hope for the best as the Chinese proverb says ‘Every crisis
yields an opportunity’

Our first issue of 2017 is packed with a variety of interesting articles and
poems written by our trusty band of writers once again. I hope our readers
will enjoy reading this current issue.

                                                                                           Vijay Anand

                                                                           Managing Editor