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Confluence August 2018 issue


Editorially Speaking

Hello again!

This summer has been so unusual. In the UK, we have experienced many weeks of scorching heat followed by thunderstorms which brought some relief. The political situation in Britain has not been much different. Day by day we hear companies are moving out of Britain as the prospects of a no deal Brexit is looming. In our cover story, senior journalist Rita Payne has exclusively reported how Britain’s exit from the European union could affect bilateral business relationships between Britain and India, from the perspective of a group of Indian business leaders.

The recent conclusion of a general election in Pakistan has brought new hope for the future of Pakistan. During the past seventy years of its existence, Pakistan has rarely had a stable government lasting a full term in office. Corruption, military rule, assassinations and coups seem to have been a regular phenomenon affecting its socio-economic stability. In this context the former cricketer Imran Khan and his party PTI’s victory in last week’s election have been hailed as a new dawn by many observers as it shows an aspiration for a change in the right direction. However only time will tell how things might change for the people who voted him to office.

This time we received an unprecedented number of poems for publications and we can only publish a small number of them due to space considerations. We have also received many articles which deserve publication, but their late arrival meant we couldn’t include them in the current issue. Yet again, I would like to ask our contributors to send their submissions on time, at least three weeks before the issue release date which is often the beginning of the month. The magazine is a quarterly one and this time it is a bumper one!

Happy reading!

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