Confluence November 2018 Issue

Confluence Nov 2018 issue

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Dear Readers, I am sure many of you have been long waiting for the arrival of this last issue of the year and I am really pleased to be able to release this issue now despite all the hurdles we have been facing. In an everchanging world of media publication, things are becoming more and more uncertain and difficult. So is the readership. I am not saying readership is declining, but trying to highlight the fact that the modern-day readers are constantly inundated with a torrent of literature that comes from a variety of sources and they are unable to focus their attention on a particular journal. Furthermore, the media industry is expanding exponentially, thanks to constantly evolving technological advances. This include, music, video and broadcasting sectors as well. The result is the fluid nature of our overall readership that comes and goes. Our writers too come and go. Many writers we had a few years ago have not written for us recently, probably they are preoccupied with other things that are more important for them. Whatever it is, Confluence is a unique platform for any writer interested in literature and creative writing. We have come long way but look forward to travel even further despite all the hurdles we face due to a lack of funding and resources. In this respect, I would like to ask our current writers to come up with new ideas and be more interactive in the way they produce their work. If there is more room for us to use the technology to our own advantage, please write to me or even call me to discuss your ideas and I will do all what I could to give you a chance to showcase your work. I look forward to more collaborative work in the coming year. Also, I like to have a team of people to help me in taking this journal to the next level. There is a school of thought that quality writing is all about writing grammatically, but that’s not the case anymore it seems. If a piece of work that can be best enjoyed in the form that a writer has chosen to present it that becomes a quality piece of literature. All our writers are very high-calibre writers and each one of them has their own style and their use of the language is their personal choice, we respect it. I am not writing about any political development in the world currently, but I am totally disgusted about how people in higher positions are behaving. Hope you agree. Have a wonderful festive season and I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2019. Vijay Anand


                                                                                                                                                 Vijay Anand